Thursday, January 21, 2010

Seat covers and Flying with a TravelScoot

From Nancy:

I loved Krystal's seat cover idea. She should sell them. Would be helpful in the summer time to have air between you and the seat. 

I did call the airlines but I needed help getting into the airplane. They did say on the phone to talk the ticket folks but I had my boarding pass already,the ticket line was long, so just went on to security.

I told the security folks that I could not stand without assistance and I could not take off my shoes, so they did a special pat down on me, a few wipe sample on the scooter (don't have a clue what they were looking for). I went on to the gate and talked to the gate counter folks. I explained that I need to gate check my scoot since I cannot walk and needed help getting to my plane seat. As I mentioned before, I said "It is recommended that I take this little battery in my carry on."

It is the smaller one and they just wanted to know if it was sealed or not.

It is very sealed and much like a laptop battery. With the battery removed it weighs no more than a kid's car seat or some strollers. No problems at all and it was waiting for me when I came out of the airplane.

I have traveled extensively with the scoot, and never took the canvas bag.

When traveling by car, I do have to fold the scoot up to put it in the trunk, but it is not difficult at all to take in and out.

No need for the bag.  I have also transported it in the back seat of a car, fully assembled. It is very flexible.

You might want to take a spare belt (and know how to replace it) and maybe a spare connector. I have not yet cruised with the scoot, but many have and there is a cruise site that talks extensively about cruising with the travel scoot all positive. I did try a cruise with a folding transport wheelchair and the bag was shreds when it arrived on board. For my trip next month to Disney, I may bring about 8 feet of lightweight rope, just in case I get a power failure and someone needs to pull me back. Thats a big place, but I might just leave the scoot and one of their rental places and use one of theirs. That worked at the State Fair last year.

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