Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kay's tips on batteries, traffic, opening doors, and the seat

From Kay, otherwise known as Elizabeth's sister:

ScooterMama - now that is a great name!!

I am sure that every one of us has experienced the things you have mentioned.

I don't even look back if I think I have knocked something over - who me????

I always charge my battery after an outing bacause you never know where the next day will take you. I have the Lion battery and have not often seen the amber light, but it would make me nervous.

I tend to always ride with my hands on the brakes bacause I am in New York City foot traffic every day and people do not look where they are going. WATCH OUT is what I yell at those people who step in front of me and you would be surprised at how quickly some of them can jump. I never apologize - I always look our for myself and everyone else should, too. I have had some close calls, but never my fault.

I have gotten really good with doors. If I see that they open towards me I ride up close to the left opening side of the door and make a little bit of a right turn at the door, use my left hand to open the door while backing up and turning the fromt wheel towards the door. I always go throught the left side of double doors, no matter which way they open. Every door is different, but I am usually able to scoot in without hitting myself with the door. Some doors (those I am familiar with) can be opened with your foot by pushing on the door while very slowly accelerating. Keep in mind that I am extremely coordinated - some may not be able to do this.

Have you thought about having the seat reupholstered? I have and I would use memory foam, like a tempurpedic mattress. You may have to buy a larger piece than you need for this, but you could always sell the rest of it to TravelScooters for the same use. I agree - I have a tired bottom after sitting on the scoot for a while.

Happy Scooting!


  1. You can buy foam (in many densities/quality) from including viscoelastic (generic for tempurpedic) foam. Be sure and check the clearance section - you might be able to purchase castoffs or odd lot pieces, as well. I have had good luck with this company.

  2. Check out to purchase visco-elastic foam (generic term for tempurpedi). Take a browse through the clearance section. I have had good luck with this company.

  3. I was riding around a shopping mall with Mary last weekend and I realize I have learned to approach a doorway head-on so that I don't get one of my back wheels caught because I approached at an angle. a door that opens away from me can be opened with my hand, or slowly with the front wheel, and then held open with my right hand as my left hand reaches over to turn the throttle (if I am not doing it entirely with my feet). a door that opens toward me will take rolling forward to grab the door, rolling back to get the door back, and rolling through.