Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sheila on a scooting adventure with her granddaughters

From Shelia:

Not a very good photo - Fred took it yesterday at a local mall, and I think he moved the camera! We took two of our granddaughters to Barnes & Noble, for lunch, and then to the movies. Between lunch and the movies, we had some time, so went to the mall so the kids could see the TravelScoot. I had shown it to Megan (our oldest of 5...she will be 10 in March) on-line before it arrived, so they were anxious to see it in action! I even let her ride it, but she got off right away!

We took it into the theatre, and I drove it down the ramp and to our seats. She spotted two chairs off by themselves (obviously a lot of space around for scooters and such) and said, "Mimi, let's sit here
and park the Scoot right there! " She's a special child...from the day she was born, people have called her an "old soul," and she is that and more. I told her we could park it there and walk over to the next row of regular seats, but where we could keep an eye on the Scoot!

While at the mall, she wanted to go to AC Moore or WalMart to pick out a pattern for a soft basket and seat cover for her mom to make for me...but we ran out of time!

So, I just ordered a soft basket from Scooterville. I hope it works out OK...need something for our cruise on 2/3. The metal wire basket I bought from Tony is kind of a pain.

Hope you're well!

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  1. Sheila, is this the soft basket you bought?

    I'd LOVE to hear your review of it after you get it. I could really use something like this for work sometimes, I just want to be sure it would attach easily.

    It sounds like you guys had a great time. We want to hear more! :-)