Sunday, January 3, 2010

How to change the belt on a TravelScoot

How to change the belt on a TravelScoot

These instructions were written by Tony at TravelScoot. His email address is Print these instructions and keep a copy with your spare belt and toolkit. 

Open for a printer friendly version.

With the scooter opened (without the seat and yoke or battery) and sitting on the ground or on a raised surface,

- Remove the 2 screws attaching the aluminum belt guard from around the small gear (on the motor shaft).

- Raise the left rear side of the scooter up (by placing a block of wood or something under the leg) so the wheel can be rotated by hand.

- While applying side pressure to the belt (away from the wheel), turn the wheel backwards and roll the belt off the big gear (on the wheel).

- With the two 5mm Allen wrenches supplied in your tool kit, loosen the axle bolts on the rear wheel. With luck the inner bolt will come out while the outer bolt stays in, but this is no big deal.

- Grab whichever axle bolt is still in place and pull the axle out PART WAY until the wheel can be cocked enough to allow the drive belt to pass between it and the fork.

- Get a good look how the belt is installed so you have an easier time installing the new one.

- Remove old, install new.

- Install the rear wheel, being careful to align the axle shaft with the holes in the wheel and fork. Tighten the axle bolts.

- Place the belt over the small gear on the motor shaft.

- Roll the belt over the big gear on the wheel similar to the removal process.

- Check belt tension: the belt should deflect approx. 1/2 inch with moderate finger pressure. The tension can be adjusted by moving the belt tensioner pulley up or down.

- Reinstall the belt guard. Align it so the bolt head for the small gear is centered in the hole. Otherwise the gear can scrape and make noise.


  1. Might be a fun project for someone to photograph each of these steps.

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  3. Yes and hopefully it would go better than me trying to photograph the steps to change the circuit board lol I ended up with really nothing usable.

    (now with spell check!)

  4. I know! I tried to photograph when Alan was working on my throttle, and those didn't work out so well either. Thanks for trying anyway.

    If my belt ever has to be changed I could videotape it, but I have a feeling there will be cursing involved and I don't know how good my video editing skills are. LOL!

  5. You know what is sad... in all the hubba of trying to change out the circuit board I think we ended up putting the old one back in! LOL The one in there now is working no different than the original.

    We were tending the baby and "discussing" how to change out the board (*I* had the directions from Tony) the old board and the new board got set down next to each other and well....

    I think I need to change it out one more time to be sure.