Sunday, January 3, 2010

Peggy's Peterboro Basket

From Peggy:

No one should have this much fun riding on a scooter. Recently, I hit both Clearview and Lakeside Shopping Centers in Metairie. Target is in Clearview and I was all over the store. They had lots of things on sale. I was looking for warm knit pants. I think it's going to be a cold winter and Mardi Gras. I was able to go from one section of the store to the other without being concerned about getting tired. I did try to take a few corners too fast and there were other shoppers right there. The breaks work very well!!

Lakeside was very crowded. I had to use a handicapped parking place because available parking places were on higher floors and I would have had to use the ramp. I wasn't sure how well Silver would handle going up the ramps, and wasn't ready to try. We handled Lakeside well. When I stopped to eat a very late lunch, someone nicely offered to help me to a seat. I said no thank you as I could place the tray on top of the basket. I remembered your blog about Nancy's food tray invention and realized that the top of the basket was flat. It worked well.

The best thing about the basket is that I figured out ou a way to keep it on Silver while I put it in the hatchback. If you turn the handlebars around as you put them down, the basket faces the seat. I had to make sure the basket bottom was not hitting the the upright bar as I lowered it. Otherwise, no problems. It's so nice to not have to put on and take of the basket. That wasn't really a hassle, but just another step that can be eliminated in order to save time.

The best thing about this 5 hour shopping excursion is that I wasn't exhausted when I finished! I actually enjoyed shopping.

The basket is proving to be the second best investment; Silver was the first. I'm always careful with baskets but this one is proving to be as strong as the company says. It can hold my 11 1/2 pound Hailey as well as a few other items and is taking some abuse in moving it around on Silver. Remember the basket is from

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