Tuesday, January 19, 2010

And where do you carry the spare belt?

From Krystal:

As an old bike rider, I like to have things handy “just in case” so I got to wondering – how do I carry the spare belt? I have the tools (and a copy on how to change the belt in the tool pouch) attached to the V-bag. There must be a way that won’t fold, spindle, or mutilate the belt.

To add insult to injury, the trim is starting to come loose on the seat and I really don’t like the idea of those staple sticking out in that area. :-)

Being a crafty person, I decided that a new seat cover was in order. And that’s when I also figured out just where to carry a spare belt.

I’m working on my second cover as I realized that there was too much cloth on the back.

To make the cover:

1) Using newspaper (so you can make adjustments and have a pattern to make more), place the seat face down and trace. Add a half inch for seam allowance.

2) measure around the outer edge of the seat and add one inch. Now make a strip of newspaper the length of the outer edge+1 and about 9.5 inches wide. You might want to taper the ends for the last 8 (or so) inches or so to keep from having that puff in the back. I’m trying a two inch taper.

Your pattern is now created.

For the small seat, it takes about 2/3 a yard of 45 inch material and 3 feet of cord for the drawstring. I’m not sure about using stretch stuff.

When putting the pieces together. I found that it is best to finish the ends of the side piece – quarter fold, quarter fold. Do a quarter inch then half inch fold for the drawstring casing along the un-tapered edge of the side piece. Then sew on the top. (Don’t forget to center the side piece to the center of the front of the top. This creates the slit in the back for the seat back.) I added a second seam around the top of the seat to give it more strength and to hold the seam allowance in place. Thread the drawstring through the casing. That’s it.

E’voila! A new seat. Just think, now you can make ones to match your outfits and the seasons. Yes, that’s what I’m planning.

I just realized also, that for everyone that wants more padding, if they made two copies of the top and put foam between before sewing that may help.

In case you are wondering about the black strap poking out from the back of the seat. It’s a loop of belt webbing. Yep, it’s a handle.

Hope the New Year is wonderful to you!

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  1. I like the idea of the handle on the seat. I need to make some sort of handle or cover with a handle for my big gold battery. It's a bit large for my hand to grasp and a bit heavy.

    I'm going to try a seat cover with maybe a small layer of foam sewn into the seat part. My scoot is always in the trunk and when its hot outside that seat is painful to sit on fresh from the trunk.