Monday, April 19, 2010

Elford's TravelScoot Video

From Elford:

The snow finally melted so I can get around with my scoot and inspect the neighborhood. Last winter I put scoot in the car and drove to the nearest Metro station and then go by Metro downtown.

Note from Elizabeth:  This is the first TravelScoot video I've seen where someone is shown opening a door and going through it.


  1. as you know my son was just in the hospital for two weeks and for the nine days he was in critical care their door was VERY heavy and NOT automatic. i quickly learned to put my hand on the push rod and use the scoot's forward motion to open it. worked like a charm. just goosed it a little bit.

    smiles, bee

  2. I'm so glad your son is home now, and getting stronger. You've all been in my thoughts.

    I haven't found a door yet that I couldn't open from my TravelScoot, doing just what you said. I love being able to be independent!

    From some reason right now I'm craving cake. Hmmmmm... :-)

  3. Great video Elford, I enjoyed the speed your scoot has.

    Bee sorry to hear about your son, hope he gets well quickly.

  4. GREAT video thanks for sharing it with us Elford & Elizabeth.

    Bee, wishing your son a speedy recovery.

  5. Bee - I also want to wish good health for your son.