Friday, April 23, 2010

"Mom, wait! You're going too fast!"

From Jennifer:

Thank you! Yes, the plugging in the lithium ion battery in the proper order was my problem. Once I corrected that, I was ready to go!

I can’t believe how much independence I’ve gained!! I am so grateful to Hardy for inventing this, and sharing the scoot with the rest of us. I have already had several adventures! And I completely agree with you about feeling the breeze-zooming is the best! I’ve gone to two outdoor shopping places, around my neighborhood, and am excited to go to an outdoor farmer’s market soon! I’m working towards taking my large dog for a walk with the scoot; he’s very exuberant when he sees something he wants to chase, and is much stronger than I am. I am going to take my kids to the zoo next weekend.

I’m a reading teacher, so my first stop in the outdoor shopping center was a Barnes and Noble, a favorite spot. I was so excited that I could browse, and carry my items without any problem. Usually I struggle with my cane, any purchases I’m considering, as well as what I’m looking through. And I have to be mindful of how far I have to walk, and how much I can carry. Not this time! It was a delicious luxury! In the past, I had to limit my trip to one small section of the store. This time, I could spend as much time as I wanted wherever I wanted to.

One of the very best parts of my first adventure was hearing my boys (13 and 15) yell, "Mom, wait! You’re going too fast!" That was something I NEVER heard. Not now!

Thank you so very much for your encouragement and sharing my excitement. As my boys would say, "Freedom rocks!!"

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  1. Jennifer, I've had my Scoot for 2 yrs and it still amazes me. The li-on battery has also allowed me to not have to break it down so life's even easier. I just toss it in the back of my Honda Element. I do consider myself blessed to be out and about again with the wind blowing in my hair.