Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fran's Winter Wonderland

From Fran R.:

(Fran sent this to me back in February. Sorry for the delay in posting!)

One of the great things about the TS is how everyone shares their experiences - it's where I learned about the Peterboro baskets. And this one is definitely a winner. It holds so much and looks so much better than the usual baskets you see on scooters.

I recently bought a golf cart to use on the grassy areas around my home. There's a pond right next to my house and I love going there to watch the ducks and geese. Plus lots of open areas where I used to be able to walk my dogs - but had to give that up when walking became more difficult. I checked on lots of heavy duty scooters but decided the golf cart would be a better option. Pretty hard to load that up in the car - so the TravelScoot remains one of the best things I've purchased. There's a huge book fair coming up next month and last year I couldn't begin to get around to look at all the books - but this year the TS will allow me to do that.

The picture is of the pond by my house and my son, Jason, on the golf cart. That's the first snow we've had in the 8 years I've live here.


  1. The golf cart is awesome and I want a puppy.

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  3. I have a riding recharge type lawnmower for travel on my grass, especially wet grass. However, I did try to find all terrain wheels to just change out the wheels on the travel scoot with no luck. I know beach wheelchairs have easily changed out wheels for sand and hard surface travel. Would make more sense to have different wheels for different terrain than to have to buy a new personal transportation device for each terrain.