Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The TrolleyBasket and

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From Cynth:

Hi Elizabeth,

Hope things are going well for you, looks like your cruse was wonderful. I really enjoyed the pictures.

I tried an order at for cleaning products and other items they had that I normally buy that are "big" and take up my TrolleyBasket space when shopping. I thought others may benefit from knowing about is an online shopping site that has a fairly good selection of products. There are not a lot of grocery items but there is a nice variety of cleaning supplies, laundry, bathroom, kitchen and pantry items. Their site is growing with products so I have high hopes of a wider selection of different products in the future. offers "free" UPS shipping on all your orders. The prices were comparable to some of my local stores, maybe a few cents higher. I'm sure that is to help cover shipping costs. Coupons and discounts are offered on some products. Once you set up an account you pick out products to add to your shopping cart and to "your products". You are asked questions that help them setup a "Your Products" page where you select the usual items you buy.

Once you are looking at products and you select one to add to your cart or your products you are asked to select a time span on each product and they will remind you when it is time to purchase it again. So its like a shopping list with a reminder. If you buy dish soap every 2 months you set the reminder for 2 months, easy peasy.

I just received my 1st order from Alice this morning and the packaging was very nice. All the liquid products were in ziplock bags and the easy open liquid containers were taped shut to avoid spilling even though they were in a ziplock bag. The top of the box was filled with "air bags" to hold everything in place.

Here are some pictures so you know what to expect if you shop at

Unopened box

Opened box

They sent a free burlap shopping bag, in the picture I had stuffed all the shipping air bags inside of it so I can use them later and so you can see what the free bag looked like.

I am pleased with my Alice order and will shop with them again. It will save me from trying to stuff so many items into my TrolleyBasket and let me buy more groceries when I shop.


  1. That box weighed 31 pounds. It really doesn't look like that much stuff was in there but it was heavy.

  2. Thank you for posting about this!

    I'd looked at the site and been nervous about what condition the stuff would arrive in, but now I am very reassured.

    This could save me 2-3 annoying-shopping trips per month (and leave more energy for fun trips :-D)

    I had *just* gotten back from the store to buy a bunch of this household-stuff when I read the post, so I still had the receipt in my bag.

    The prices on the things I'd be buying were comparable - within 5 cents either way - at Alice and my local grocery store, and I was actually able to comparison-shop accurately, because Alice has *exactly* the same items as a lot of the stuff I buy. Not all of it, but the vast majority of the bulkiest and heaviest items for sure.

    Also, a note for people with scent sensitivities.

    I found that many products I used to use, but can't any longer due to scent changes in them, or sensitivity changes in me, actually *do* have unscented varieties available, but I've never seen them in-store. I did find them on Alice.

    Of course, since I just got BACK from the store, it will be a little while before I need to use the service But I'm really looking forward to it! Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. I'm glad the post helped!

    I use unscented All laundry detergent and it is hard to catch in stock most of the time in the stores I shop at so I was happy to see it at Alice.

    I'm with you, I want to save my energy for fun shopping trips and buying toilet cleaner and wash shop isn't the fun trip.