Sunday, June 1, 2014

More about TravelScoots on a River Cruise

From Carol and Peri in Las Vegas:

These pictures are of our TravelScoots on the maiden voyage of the New Avalon Illumination. We took a 12 day river cruise from Amsterdam to Vienna.  The entire crew and captain loves our TravelScoots. We are so fortunate that we chose the right company -- Avalon. They have a walking tour daily and had arranged for our TravelScoots on their slow gentle walking group. All arrangements were made for our two TravelScoots to ride on the tour buses too!!! A great way to cruise the rivers. I highly recommend Avalon river cruise.


  1. Thanks for sharing the photos. I'm glad that things went well for you. We, too, did a cruise last Fall from Budapest to Amsterdam and I took my Travelscoot. There were no problems with its use and the staff was great with it. We liked the trip so much that we rebooked with Viking. Unfortunately we ran into someone at Viking we refuses to allow us to take the Travelscoot on board. Apparently Viking has changed their policy and they no longer allow motorized scooters. They will not listen to common sense (i.e. they take manual wheelchairs but will not take a Travelscoot despite the fact that the Travelscoot is smaller, lighter and folds down more compactly than a typical manual wheelchair.
    After 3+ months of arguing we've finally had to come to the realization that they are not a 'mobility challenged' friendly company. I'm glad to hear that there are others that are. That's great news!
    I am curious about a couple of things - were you permitted to drive the Travelscoot on and off or did you have to carry it yourself? Secondly, did you have to take it to your room and store it or could you leave it somewhere else?
    Thanks again for sharing

    1. I am not sure if I could have safely drove on the ramp, Avalon carried our scoots on and off. They stored our scoots in a unoccupied cabin for us, and had them in the lobby for us whenever I asked. Once our ship was docked alongside another ship and they carried both scoots thru the other ship too ! The Captain saw me in the lobby this morning and he personally carried both scoots down the ramp. What a nice guy!!!

  2. We cruised with Avalon in 2011 and they were great. They suggested we leave the scooter in the lobby so it wouldn't crowd our room. We carried it up and down the gangplank always with very willing help. And in the one place that involved a really steep hill they arranged for (and paid for) a taxi for that segment of the tour. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

  3. What a great attitude from Avalon! And the ship looks amazing - your excellent pictures have really started me thinking about a river cruise. Amsterdam to Vienna sounds perfect!

  4. We also will be traveling with Avalon on the Amsterdam to Vienna cruise next May. Were you able to use the Scoot on the ship? My wife cannot walk and I would rather not carry another piece of luggage such as a folding wheelchair.


  5. No we did not use our scoots on board as we can walk. We did take the first cabin #201 on board the Avalon Illumination. This is the closest to the elevator and to the lobby bar lounge and dinning room. You can scoot in these large areas. We were able to scoot in every town, even on the cobblestones. Have fun!!