Sunday, June 15, 2014

Welcome ConnieB!

From ConnieB:

I am so thankful to read the information from users of the 'Travelscoot'.  Also so happy to finally have been able to get one.  Have been keeping in touch since 2010 praying somehow I would be able to afford this 'wonderful  and versatile vehicle'! Because of the DURABLILTY they are so worth every penny!  With each story I read the Travelscoot just keeps getting better and better!!

Thank you, Bonnie and Tony!

(Bonnie and Tony are the folks at TravelScoot who take care of those of us in the United States. Contact them at 1-800-342-2214 or by visiting

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  1. your post helped me decide on jr scoot fitting thur 22" doorways is a life saver for me thank you for mentioning it