Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Using the TravelScoot as an Amputee

From Bev in Seattle:

Great job to run this important blog.  I particularly liked the travel info on a river cruise and no problem with cobblestone areas.  I had traveled in Europe fairly extensively before losing my RT leg above the knee in a SF General Hospital error after going by ambulance after crashing in my son's bathroom later discovered as a burst brain aneurysm prior to getting ready to leave for Airport back to Seattle.

I didn't know about the scooter until several years later - it's absolutely been wonderful - I went to the local mall and I hadn't been there for 8 years.  I recently went around Greenlake in Seattle and I hadn't been there in many, many years.  I've been on 3 cruises and with using the TravelScoot, I was able to go and see everything and made every excursion off the boat.  I can walk a bit with my prosthesis but the phantom pain would set in and it was a 12 on the pain scale to walk enough to get back to the car.  Now, it's like being at Disneyland - so fun, and I still have my energy at the end of the day and no pain!!!

I've wanted for years to go on a European river cruise but when I called travel agents and the river cruise lines -they discouraged me and said the off boat excursions would not accommodate me.   I'm going to check on the information after reading about the man that used his Travelscoot on a river cruise and excursions!  Thank you Elizabeth for facilitating this informative forum for TravelScoot people.


  1. hello Bev, We both used our scoots on the river cruise. We were on the Avalon Illumination maiden voyage. We actually did not inform the company Avalon that we had the scoots, we just showed up with them and took our chances. It was the best as the whole crew and captain were so friendly and accommodating. The captain told the entire crew to give us anything we wanted. He assigned an unoccupied cabin to stored them for us. They even carried the scoots off and on the ramp for us. The cruise director always informed the local tour guides of our scoots. If the tour began with a bus ride the bus driver were waiting with the storage doors open for loading our scoots and helped us onto the bus. All the passengers we met were also so accommodating too. We got to know everyone on board as it is a small group of about 140 passengers, most were our age and many s
    also used a cane like us. So we did not inform the company Avalon and got the best service ever!!!!

  2. HI Bev,
    A couple of quick comments re: river cruise. I took my Travelscoot last fall on a Viking Cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam. Loved it and the crew as well as the experience was superb. Tried this year to rebook on Viking but was denied permission to bring the Travelscoot. Spent months trying to convince them otherwise going right up the chain of command. No dice. Their present policy is no motorized scooters. Not sure why the change.
    The good news is that we discovered other lines that will accept them. We are going on one next spring on Emerald Waterways. Had to fill out a bunch of forms etc. But they will take the Travelscoot.
    I also found out that Uniworld will take them. Again you need to talk to them and fill out a form. My travel agent found out that AMA takes them and Carol and Peri in Las Vegas (see their messages below) report a wonderful cruise on Avalon which also takes the Travelscoots. Since Emerald takes them I'm guessing their parent line (Scenic) will also take them but, again you'd need to check. I did get some mixed messages that the various lines will only take x number (one or two) per cruise so in addition to whether or not they'd take the Travelscoot you may need to check out that part as well. Although you can't use the Travelscoot on board the ships, things are relatively close to one and another and if you can walk a bit you can get around. Most of the newer ships have elevators that will take you to 3 of the 4 floors (I'm not sure if any will take you up to the sun deck yet. I don't think there are any)
    Regardless, the good news is that there are companies that are will to take them.
    Good luck with your search

    1. yes you're right, we did not use the scoots aboard the Avalon cruise like the big RCCL cruise we did. I chose the cabin (#201) on the Avalon Illumination which was the first cabin by the elevator and stairs (only 6 steps) It was close to everything (dining and lounge) otherwise it is a bit of a walk down the hall. be sure to select that first cabin.

  3. This is great information - especially for a Travelscoot rookie! Makes me so glad that I bought a Travelscoot and encourages me take mine further! And thanks to Elizabeth for this wonderful blog!

    1. We are rookies too. Just bought these travelscoots one week before my trip may 3 and just got back june 8. We practiced for three days in out neighborhood first..lol We could not have done the long trip without the scoots. Especially the airports and walking with the tours.We would have just stayed home