Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Oxygen, the Pool, and a TravelScoot

Having a TravelScoot isn't always about exciting vacations. Sometimes it's about being able to do the small things, like riding up and down your block, walking the dog, or my favorite -- going to my gym so I can exercise in the pool.  (That's my oxygen tank on the side of the pool.)  This picture is from last Sunday, and it was one of those days where just being able to get myself to the gym and get it into the pool was a very big "small" thing.


  1. "Having a TravelScoot isn't always about exciting vacations" - This is so true! How is your dog with walking with you and scoot?

    1. I actually don't have a dog, but know of others who very successfully walk their dogs with their scoots. If anyone reading this would like to send me pictures of this, and some comments about it, I'd appreciate it! Send an email to elizabeth@ifisher.com.