Sunday, November 21, 2010

Battery Indicator Cover

TravelScoot Battery Indicator Cover
My battery indicator cover was looking a little tired too, so when I ordered the wheels I found out a replacement was available for this part too.

This picture is my old one. Recently the plastic the covered the lights had fallen off so I rigged it with clear tape to keep any water out.  That actually worked really well as a quick fix.

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Alan is removing the three screws that hold the battery indicator cover on.
These are the screws.
On the left is the new cover.
This is what it looks like with no cover.
Now he's putting the screws back in.

The whole process probably took about five minutes but between this, my new wheels and my new belt, I feel like I've had a major tune up! 


  1. Hope this works. I am developing a short in my throttle, sometimes it doesn't come on and I have to switch it on and off a few times before it does work. So I did the same procedure and checked the solder points on the printed circuit board (pcb). I could not see the two wires that go to the switch underneath the pcb and given how critical my scoot is, I did not want to remove the pcb. However, I have ordered a new pcb that has a new switch to keep on hand when it finally fails.

  2. I need to replace my battery indicator cover, appreciate advice as where I can order one?

    Thanks Allan

  3. You should be able to get this part from TravelScoot.

  4. Hi, we are desperately trying to find a new circuit board for one of these, contacted Travelscoot europe and washington and no reply, any help much appreciated.

  5. Paul, if you are in the U.S., call TravelScoot. They will help you. They have the part you need. I also recommend you join Elizabeth's TravelScoot on Facebook. There are lots of experienced users there.