Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rhonda's Lift Installation

The standard TravelScoot weighs 29 lbs without the battery. Rhonda needs help getting hers up and into her Honda CRV, so today she had a lift installed.  (You know I had to be there because I wasn't missing an opportunity for a blog post!)

Most of this post is being told in pictures. If you have a specific question, post a comment and Rhonda or I will answer it.

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The man on the right is Kenny, who owns Kenny's Accessible Vans, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Their website is at

In these photos Kenny is demonstrating how to load and unload the TravelScoot using this Bruno lift.

I think Rhonda had been concentrating so hard on what Kenny was saying that she wasn't concerned with the camera.  Here she is showing us all how excited she is to have this new capability.

A piece was attached to the yoke of the TravelScoot. This is where the strap is attached that lifts the scoot.

They inserted a cotter pin through the bottom of the yoke. Kenny said it wasn't absolutely necessary, but they did it just to insure the weight
of the scoot is lifted evenly without this side of the yoke shifting.

This is a closeup of the piece they added to the yoke.

Here Rhonda is getting on her scoot to see if the piece they added is going to rub against her leg.  It did not.

Now Rhonda is working the lift.

Rhonda's hand is on the scoot just to guide it.
She wasn't doing any physical lifting.

And here is the scoot, fully loaded and ready to go.
It's a simple process to load and unload.


  1. Hey Rhonda, how is this working out for you? Still working as easy as it looks?

  2. I love it! Because of RA flares in my spine, shoulders and hands, I was having difficulty lifting my TS. The lift works great and I'm scooting again :)

  3. Thanks for the blog. I just picked up a Bruno VSL-6900 Curb-Sider to lift my wife's scooter into our Honda CRV. This photo blog gave me some ideas how to install ours. Again, Thanks