Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Wheels for My TravelScoot

TravelScoot Wheels

I've had my TravelScoot for 21 months and use it almost every day. Lately my front wheel has been looking a little slick, so I ordered a whole new set of wheels from Tony at TravelScoot.

This first picture is the front wheel before Alan changed it.

Click any picture to see a larger version

Here are the new wheels in the shipping box.

As you can see here, there's an extra piece attached to the left rear wheel.  That's the part the belt sits on.

The full set of tires also came with a new front fork.

Melissa, my best friend and new TravelScoot owner, helped with the installation.

(My job was to take pictures for you all to see!)

More posts about this coming soon...


  1. How much were they? One of the things that's keeping me from getting one of these is the potential cost of parts and upkeep over time.

  2. Email me ( if you want the specific price for the wheels. I don't want to post it here in case the prices change over time.

    There will be expenses for periodic maintenance, just like there is with any scooter, wheelchair or vehicle. Parts wear out and need replacement and batteries don't last forever. Lithium ion batteries have a 2-3 year shelf life from the date they are manufactured. I'm not certain about SLA batteries, but I believe the life is 1-2 years if they are properly charged.

  3. For little parts they don't charge. If you need something, just call Tony's office and ask. I was a little taken back when I googled Travelscoot this morning and several third parties showed up. So I asked, and indeed Tony, at Travelscoot USA, is the only one who can sell it in the USA, but third parties can buy a bunch from him and jack the price up. He also supplies the one rental company. Speaking of wheels, I do wish they would sell knobby wheels, or maybe I could screw in golf shoe spikes to handle grass and dirt better.

  4. Granny, please take pictures if you put spikes on your wheels. I would be interested in how that works.

  5. I could have used some knobby wheels (or tire chains lol) this week. It snowed and was pretty cold; 10 degrees. The parking lot at work was ice and snow. I walked the scoot to a place where I could see they had put down ice melt so I could have sure footing to get on the scoot. I could have used more traction but I made it to the building helping the scoot a little with my feet.

    I do have to add that Tony has been very helpful in sending replacement parts at no cost. TravelScoot rules!

  6. That's minor parts, I haven't needed any major parts.

  7. I have experienced excellent customer service from TravelScoot in Washington State too. They are awesome and soooo helpful. Nice people and very prompt service.

  8. I know this entry is from more than one year ago, but if somebody reading this has any experience regarding exchanging the wheels with inflatable ones, I would be interested in such information!

    I have a very very sensitive knee with chronic pain, and I think inflatable wheels would dampen the vibration when rolling over surfaces that, despite being flat and hard, are paved with grooved or patterned tiles (very common in my city... I never payed too much attention to the pattern in them, but now I just hate them!! xD). That's the main reason, although even without my problem, I guess smoothing out the ride wouldn't hurt anybody!

    I asked Hardy and he told me: "For two reason there are no inflatable tires. First, many customer would not care for tire pressure and second, the brakes would become ineffective." (I hope he doesn't mind me quoting him, it's just general info)
    I understand that the less maintenance, the better. But me, I woulnd't mind at all to check tire pressure every now and then if it meant smoother rides...

    I guess I could, at least, replace the front wheel, which is, in fact, the one causing more vibration to my leg through the footrest. And maybe it would be possible to replace the rear ones too - what worries me the most aren't the brakes (well, they do too), but the round piece that the belt wraps around. I am not sure whether it could be separated from the wheel, and re-attached to a different wheel.

    I have asked two scooter accesories stores, if anyone is interested in my findings just let me know and I will keep you posted!
    And if you know something about this kind of modifications, please let me know! Thanks.

  9. Just in case anybody could be interested, I had my front wheel replaced with an inflatable one, and WOW! What a change this has made for me, it has surpassed my best expectations. I must admit that I am a bit worried about maintenance issues (pressure), or any unexpected "surprise", but since the front wheel supports (relatively) few weight, this should not be a big issue. I hope things don't change, because right now I'm very happy!!