Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mike's Butt Mobile

Thank you for the work you do with your website

I wanted to send a note of thanks for the work you do with your website.  I found the TravelScoot website while surfing for mobility scooters.  I have looked at many different brands but was immediately drawn to the TravelScoot.  My Mom used a mobility scooter due to a severed nerve in her ankle from orthopedic surgery.  She only able to take a few steps.  Her scooter was heavy, cumbersome and she could not manage it by herself.  I swore I would never go that route.

I suffer from several chronic health problems and had to retire on disability a year ago.  I have traumatic arthritis in my left knee and have been on a cane for several years.  I also suffer from diabetes, a bad back and congestive heart failure.  I have gradually had to curtail my activites over the past few years.  Last year my heart failure worsened and I am only able to walk short distances without getting short of breath.  I am no longer able to go to the grocery store, Walmart or any place that requires walking any distance.  I was slowing becoming more isolated and homebound.  Then I found the TravelScoot website.  As I said, I have spent lots of time on the internet looking at scooters.  They all make lots of claims about ease of use but all require some type of hoist to get them in/out of vehicles.  TravelScoot also makes claims about ease of use.  The difference is the videos on the website showing how easy it really is to use.  However, I am a big (not tall) man and was very concerned about the TravelScoot being able to handle my weight.

That is where the thanks comes in.  I also found your website and have spent the past week scouring you site and reading lots of the posts.  I was reluctant to buy a TravelScoot without actually seeing one.  However, it became clear from your website that my concerns were not warranted.  The work you have put into the site and the large amount of information provided has convinced me to buy the TravelScoot.  I will be calling them tomorrow and placing my order.  I have subscribed to your blog and look forward to future posting from folks using their TravelScoots.  I will let you know when I get it and how it goes.  My grandaughter decided I needed to name it like others on the website so we decided to call it "Mike's Butt Mobile".  Thanks again for your efforts

Mike in Texas


  1. Tony is good to put travel scoot owners in touch with those thinking about one, so you might ask him for any travel scoot owners in Texas. I have showed mine off to 5 people in my area. You do have to have one good leg to back the Travel Scoot up. It does not have a reverse. The inventor, Hardy, is working on this issue, but will be 3 or more years coming to market. I can't use my Travel Scoots any more, both legs non-functional, but really miss it. A lot of good information on Elizabeth's blog.

  2. Granny, that's a great idea. I'm sorry to hear you aren't able to use your scoot now, but I hope you'll keep participating here. You have a lot of TravelScoot knowledge. I also hope that whatever Hardy is working on will benefit you.