Tuesday, October 25, 2011

TravelScoot in Asia

Welcome to Joanna from Singapore

Joanna is a new TravelScoot owner in Singapore who recently went on a scooter adventure to the Chinese and Japanese Gardens near her house. She's promised us pictures form the Singapore Botanical Garden.  Hopefully I'll be posting them soon.  Joanna forwarded questions she had about her scoot and the answers she received from Nat Cheang, who owns the Rugged Tree and is the Asian representative for TravelScoot distributorship and dealership.

These are Joanna's questions and Nat's answers.  If you have comments that might help Joanna, please post them in the comments section.

Pls advise during riding with the scooter if unexpected rain fall - shall i cover the battery fast in order not to let it get wet or .......

Should you encounter light drizzle, it should not be a problem.  But do make an attempt to get out of the rain.  

Shall i use some cover for the battery so able to prevent it get wet when rain suddenly pour .......

I have customers who decide to get some cover for the battery and connection – I also advise them to have some holes for ventilation purposes.

May i know the degree of slope the scooter can able to take - saw a slope this morning but dare not climb with the scooter ....

There is no specific gradient that we advise against riding.  It all depends on weight of rider and how it is ridden.  Generally, the slopes that we have on Singapore roads and car park ramps are still manageable.

I think when travel with the scooter i should better carry the charger around with me so can charge the battery as and when .... may i charge the battery everyday after use or wait til the orange/red light is on ? It takes how long for the battery to charge when the light turn red ??

I would advise you to charge only when you see the orange light – this is to help you understand how much distance you can travel when the light is green.  If you always charge the battery (even when it is green), you won’t be able to discover the battery’s performance.

Come to steps how to handle - shall i look for slope for travel always ?

If you do come to some areas where there are small number of steps and no ramps around, you will have to carry it up/down.  Alternatively, do ask a passer-by for assistance.  Compared to other mobility scooters, TravelScoot is very manageable to carry for short distances.

Do not have time to go through the user manual yet so ask questions through email will be faster i think. May be will post my question on the Blog - i am very sure those experience user will be delighted to answer my question too.  

Yes, this is another avenue for you to get your answers and also to read other people’s experiences.

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