Thursday, October 20, 2011

Modifying to use a cane

From Cynth:

I saw the cane post today and thought I would send you my customization. My new cane has a bigger tip and it did not fit in the scoots can cup. I had a plastic Easter egg in my drawer that the cane end fit into so I punched two holes in the bottom of the biggest half of the egg and ran a wire through them then wired the half an egg on top of the scoots cane holder. Works great.  To hold my cane up by the handlebars I use a drawstring. 


  1. Wow Cynth, what a great idea. I never would have thought of using a plastic easter egg. I like the cord that you used too.

  2. I wouldn't of "thought" of using an Easter egg either, I was just digging through my desk out of desperation and found it.

    Also please excuse all the typos and lack of spaces in the original post. I sent that from my phone.