Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Taking a TravelScoot Test Ride

Try before you buy

Hi Elizabeth -

I am still planning to have my seat re-padded as per your e-mail.  However, I thought someone might like to hear about my experience in buying my TravelScoot.  We live in Victoria, BC, and I had purchased 2 mobility scooters before buying my TravelScoot.  Needless to say, I was leery about purchasing another one without trying one out.

I contacted The TravelScoot warehouse in Chehalis, Washington (900 NW Airport Rd, Chehalis, WA 98532) (www.travelscoot.com) and arranged to give one a trial run.  We travelled to Chehalis, and they were extremely helpful.  They answered all my questions, and let me drive a TravelScoot outside, as long as I wanted to.  I was sold, and am really enjoying owning it.  I would recommend anyone wanting to give a test drive before buying to go to Chehalis.

Cheers -


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  1. If you email Tony or Bonnie, they will try to set you up with someone in your area to test drive one. I live in Cleveland and was asked by Bonnie if I'd be willing to show my TravelScoot to someone in my area who was thinking of buying one. He loved it and bought one a week later. What I did before I bought one was rent it for my first cruise. Of course I loved it and bought one as soon as I got home. Julie