Sunday, September 1, 2013

Anyone in Chicago?

Dear Blog,

Well today is Sept. 1, 2013 and I need to wait till mid Sept. till the TravelScoot gets to the US...

Everyday seems like years but I know I want wait I just want to go out on my TS and enjoy life...I have very severe Emphysema, and I am on oxygen and with TS I can take a ride around the block or go to the lakefront and enjoy my beautiful city of Chicago, In the Midwest winter is around the corner and I just wanted to enjoy the last of summer as I can't take my TS out in the winter...!!!

Does any one know of a TravelScoot person living in Chicago???

When I get my new TS I will take photos and post on this Blog!

Frankie from Chicago

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  1. Hi Frankie,
    TravelScoot Canada has a limited supply left in stock. We can ship to Chicago in 5-6 business days. Please visit our website at

    We are the same price as Tony only we charge in Canadian Dollars so it's a bit cheaper for you.