Thursday, September 26, 2013

Frankie and His New Wheels!

First, Frankie met Tony from Chicago:

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Tony from Chicago we both met for the 1st time and I got my photo taken on his TS...OMG, I love it and on Thursday, I ordered one... I can not wait till it comes....Thank you Tony so so much!!!

Ten days later, Frankie has his very own, very new TravelScoot:

From Elizabeth:  This is the first picture I've had on the blog of the new TravelScoot.  It has a reverse, there's no belt, AND the motor is in the left rear wheel.  You heard that right, INSIDE.

Today Sept. 24th, 2013 I received my new TravelScoot, so I went out this evening around my neighborhood and loved it...!!!  I'd like to thank all the people from this beautiful blog for all the info you gave me on TS. Again thank you all so very much...!!!



Check out the new TravelScoot at 


  1. I don't see any info on the new TS on the TS website. :-(

    Anybody have a link to any info?


  2. Awesomeness! I am happy for you, I wish you many happy outings.

  3. Me too! And remember, those trips around the block or to the big box store can be just as important of an adventure as trips that take you far from home.

  4. Two comments:
    The link above only shows the original belt-drive TS.
    I've been hearing vague rumours about the new direct-drive TS & believe there's at least one here in the UK, but, with the exception of the odd YouTube clip, can't actually find out anything about it.
    - is it as or more powerful than the original belt-driven TS (theory says direct drive should be more powerful than belt, but is it?)
    - is direct drive less vulnerable in wet/dirt/mud conditions - I'm assuming it would be because there's no belt to be damaged
    - are batteries & connections interchangeable ..... ie: will my current batteries fit the new model?

    I could be really interested in upgrading if only I could find some information about this new model.