Sunday, September 29, 2013

Why the TravelScoot was the right choice for Deborah

In my Target Misses The Mark post I talked about the problem with how stores maintain (or don't) their store mobility scooters.  Below is a site I often see in my local Targets -- a scooter abandoned because the battery ran out.  Deborah sent me an email that puts it much more eloquently, and explains how she chose the TravelScoot and why it's the right scooter for her.

Hello Elizabeth,
I'm Deborah and I'm a supersized woman from England.  I also have a twisted leg (born with it) which has led to arthritis in my knee and ankle and a shortened achilles tendon.  I work full-time in a national job, and because of my lack of mobility, have been finding my life has been restricted more and more.  I do travel by car and train for work, but that usually wears me out!  A couple of years ago I did try a mobility scooter, but it was so big (to accommodate my size) that I could only use it if I went out with my husband.  Gradually I used it less and less and relied on a cane or rollator. 
In desperation I searched and searched for something more portable that would give me back my independence and freedom, and allow me to go where I wanted.  I came across Travelscoot, and your blog, and began to feel hopeful.  Anyway, people I talked to said that I should keep walking as long as possible, blah, blah, but then a few situations really got to me.  My lovely husband and I travelled to a nearby town specifically to go to a large store full of household items.  I thought I'd be OK to look around, pushing a shopping trolley, but it has been very cold in the UK lately and my joints were really sore.  We ended up buying one item and then I had to return to the car, and then go home.  The next incident was at a large supermarket.  I usually use a store mobility scooter, but they were being repaired and the two that were still working were being used.  Again, I sat in the car whilst my husband shopped.  Then on a trip to London with a colleague for a business meeting, we finished early and had time to spare before our train. Unfortunately after getting on and off the train and the bus and walking to the venue,  my legs were hurting too much to look around the wonderful array of shops in the centre of London, so I ended up spending two hours in a coffee shop.  That was the final straw for me, I knew I need to do something to regain my mobility.
Although I was very tempted by the Travelscoot, and inspired by the stories on your blog, I hadn't actually seen one in 'real life'.  So I contacted Hardy and he passed on details of satisfied Travelscoot customers within easy travelling distance.  I received some very enthusiastic replies in response to my emailed enquiry, and found a lovely lady, Julie, who lives less than an hour's drive from me.  Julie was happy to let  me try her Travelscoot and really helpful with lots of Travelscooting tips.  My two concerns were: would I be able to get on and off it OK, and would it fit in the boot of my sports car?  The answers to both these questions were a resounding 'yes'!
So my new Travelscoot is now on order, and I have such a list of places I want to go, things that I want to do.....  I just wanted to say thank you for your blog, and I will let you know when I have my first Travelscoot adventure.
With kindest regards,

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