Sunday, September 29, 2013

Deb's new Travelscoot

From Deb:

I have to tell you - because of you and your site I now have my very own Travelscoot!

I too am a woman of size. I've suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for years and have struggled to get around. But it isn't my size and arthritis that forced the decision to get a scooter. It was my lungs. Just recently I was diagnosed with a paralyzed diaphragm, a condition that makes it extremely difficult to move much without getting out of air. My doctor recommended a scooter, and knowing I wanted something I could manage on my upcoming cruise made me want a Travelscoot. The weight limitation of the scooter held me back - until I came across your website. I placed the order earlier this week and it arrived on Friday.

It has been up and down my driveway, the grocery store, and just yesterday it served as a "spray truck" (you can see the picture here ) Now my family can't wait to "bling it out". Thank you for my independence!


1 comment:

  1. Congrats on your new scooter Deb! I am looking forward to pictures of it after you bling it out :)