Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bob the Cat and Mary Ray's TravelScoot

Bob the Cat

From Mary Ray

This is Bob the Cat, whom I first saw in the window at Recycle Bookstore in Campbell, California ( I went in to greet him because, of course, I was missing my cat (Smudgie the Cat), who was bravely guarding the home territory while we were away. Bob came right over to me, nuzzed my proffered fingers, purred very loudly, and jumped onto my scoot in hopes of going for a spin. Turns out he has a habit of trying to hitch rides in strollers, too! Many thanks to you, Bob the Cat, for the much-needed kitty fix!  — in Campbell, CA.

This is also a good photo of a back basket.  It's attached with a yellow cable tie.


  1. Great! My wife is planning to take one of our cats for a ride in the basket on her TravelScoot so I'll let you know how that works. :-)

    1. Please follow her with a camera crew! You know we all want to see how a cat reacts to being constrained in any way. Maybe you can convince your kitty that the ride was her idea, or let her drive or something. *big smile*

  2. This may be out of the question but I have to ask. Could you please ask Mary Ray if she's in the Campbell California area? I'm dying to join the TravelScoot community and all I need is to see one live! I live in Pebble Beach CA and would be happy to drive up if I could just see one. I can't seem to find anyone else in California that I can contact, any help would be greatly appreciated!