Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fixing a Creaky Seat

More creaky seat solutions are available in this post:

My friend Melissa has been having a problem with her seat creaking since she got her TravelScoot, and we've just never taken the time to diagnose the problem and fix it.  Last weekend we held a "scooter clinic" at our house to fix the problem, and I thought you'd enjoy reading about it.

These are my TravelScoots.  The previous design is on the left, and the new model is on the right.  (The fabric triangle isn't on the one on the right.)

This adds Melissa's TravelScoot to the lineup.  That's a Peterboro basket she uses, like Peggy recommended in this post: 

Alan, my 'scooter wrangler', is trying to diagnose what is causing the creaking.  We couldn't tell exactly where the sound was coming from, but me, Melissa and Greg were all putting in our two cents on how to fix the problem.

The seat is off and Alan is lubricating various parts that might be contributing to the problem.  He uses LPS2 for lubrication.  Hardy Huber told me once that he uses vaseline but Alan's an audiophile and has the LPS2 for his audio equipment. It seems to work great on the scoot too.

This is Greg on the floor, trying to see if he can hear where the creaking is coming from.  So far the lubrication isn't working.

One of the things Alan tried was swapping out the metal parts on 2 seats, to see if the problem was the seat itself.  It wasn't.  

Here he is putting the correct metal part back on the correct seat.  
The solution for this problem ended up being that the clamp at the top of the yoke (that's the curved metal bar over the battery) needed to be loosened AND it needed lubrication.  After Alan did that we had a very quiet seat, and a very happy scooter owner!


  1. Elizabeth, how do you like the "new" model. So you see any difference between the two. I just purchased a new battery...nothing wrong with the old but after 4 years I thought I would get a new one and use the old as a back-up vs the SLA.