Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Front and Rear Basket Questions

TravelScoot front and rear baskets are available at http://www.travelscoot.com/usa-prices.htm

There have been numerous posts on the blog about baskets, which you can read at http://mytravelscoot.blogspot.com/search?q=basket.  Anne has a specific question that she'd like your input on.  You can answer her question by posting a comment or by sending me an email, elizabeth@ifisher.com.  --Elizabeth

From Anne:

How easy/not easy is it to add the front and/or rear baskets to the 'Scoot? And how far do they extend the length of the whole thing?

I'm thinking bout ordering them to make shopping easier, but they'll probably need to come off to get my TravelScoot into my car, so on and off need to be simple enough to be done while standing behind the car even in lousy weather.


  1. I have the rear basket. It sits on the battery and straps to the seat post so it is as easy to remove as whatever you use to strap it on. But it folds so I don't need to remove it at all to get it in my CR-V or van. It comes with a bungie cord to hold it closed when folded. It swivels up on the strap for removal of the battery. Mine is new so I haven't actually used it yet but it is there ready for my next grocery shopping trip.

    I have the largest Peterboro bike basket on the front. I have Velcro type straps fastening it to the handle bars. To get the Scoot in my van I unfasten that velcro but leave the base of the basket tied to my upright post. Then I turn the handle bar so the basket swivels down onto the fabric carrier. Then I turn the seat backwards above the basket. That makes it fit in the 2' x 3' space TravelScoot said to allow for it.

  2. Thank you Linda -- this helps a lot (along with the older posts found via Elizabeth's handy search link.)

    Sounds like a combination of rear TS basket plus front Peterboro XL basket will work well for me.

    FYI EVERYONE: Peterboro is currently running a 10% off everything sale -- just use coupon code FALL.

    AmpleHugs & SunflowerSmiles,