Saturday, September 26, 2015

On the Go at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts

From Mimi:

I solo-adventured to Boston's Museum of Fine Arts today. The Smithsonian Magazine had a free museum day, so I took advantage of it! The weather was breezy and cool as I scootered up the ramp and sat comfortably on my scooter near the front door in the sunshine for ten minutes before the museum opened. Walking from parking to the museum would have pressed me to my very limits on a very good day and exhausted my resources for a while; on my TravelScoot, it was just a fun little ride and a comfy sit in the sun! Inside, the crowds had to go through a maze-like corral and that also would have been too much for me to do, but again, my TravelScoot saved me and I wove my way through the maze with everyone else.

I wheeled from room to room with not even a thought for how far each exhibit was from each other. I didn't have to search for benches to rest on. I didn't have to cut my museum trip short due to exhaustion or pain or mobility issues. My wonderful, beautiful TravelScoot carried me through the MFA until my head was overflowing with awesome art.

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