Saturday, September 26, 2015

On the Go in Charleville-Mezieres

From Nancy:

Finally had the courage to take the travelscoot out today at the festival. !!!!! It actually worked BETTER on the cobbles than my go-go! Kids who looked like 6th graders were leaving school while hubby was setting it up (and transferring other scooter to the boot) and the boys were magically drawn to it. No surprise, but fun to watch from the car. It draws males in especially for some reason. Gadgetry? Two lovely older ladies started asking me questions in French, so I did my best to pantomime a demo! Really wowed me with its performance today. And I used the standard seat - but I turned it backwards and for me that really made a difference! Lots of people in wheelchairs here today. The weekend was a total crush of people. Can't believe I'm managing! Hubby deserves lots of credit. He encouraged me to come, and I'm very grateful.

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