Sunday, September 13, 2015

On the Go in Boston at the Lawn on D


Recently, Mimi had plans to go on an evening Boston adventure with her partner who had been away for two weeks hit a snag when his time away was extended. Here's the rest of the story in her own words.

"We had planned to see a temporary outdoor art installation (Strandbeests) and a longer-lasting installation, the Lawn on D. On my way home from work, I was sad about the canceled plans. But then I thought about the thread here (on FaceBook, at where folks had posted where their TravelScoots had taken them recently and how good it would feel to be able to post that I had not just stayed at I fed the cat, and I grabbed my battery, and I got back into my car, and I drove into Boston.

I couldn't find Strandbeests, but the Lawn on D was filled with music and art (and a lot of people who stared rudely at the very fat girl with the flowers in her hair on the TravelScoot, but that's another story). The sky was beautiful, the air was warm, and I watched folks swing on glowing swings and sprawl on green grass and my TravelScoot let me do all of this.

And because Elizabeth holds this space for us, I felt encouraged to get myself up and out of my house and onto my TravelScoot for an adventure. Thank you, Elizabeth!"



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