Thursday, September 17, 2015

Peggy's Story


From Peggy:

I purchased my first scooter, Silver, in September of 2009. After some issues with the switch and we, my brother and I, weren't sure what else, I decided to order another before the first one completely died. That way it could be a back up. It turned out that both of my batteries died at the same time. My ion battery had lasted SIX years. The other battery made it 3 and a half.


The new scooter came in yesterday and got it's first full day workout today. It is very different. I hadn't realized that my old wheels probably needs to be lubed because the new scooter rolls so easily! The throttle moves so much easier too. I'm glad I can still use my feet for reverse because I like having the control. When I ordered it, I had Tony (at TravelScoot USA) set it for the faster speed. It's not that I use the high speed often but when I need it, I need it. As a teacher of students with special needs, there are times when they may be on one part of the campus with my assistant, i.e. lunch, and I am on break and something comes up. I need to get to them quickly. If the coast is clear, I go full speed ahead. The lightness and ease of movement of the travelscoot has allowed me to continue to teach.

I also did my first grocery run with my new scooter. All went well. One of the things I was sure to remember was to turn the scooter OFF and lock a break when I stood up to reach something up high because this scooter rolls easier. And as is the case if someone is around I always ask for help. People are willing. I especially like to ask little children (sometimes it's the stuff on a lower shelf), it makes them feel so big! It took me about a year to get over asking for help but with each request it got easier and I remember I always help others in ways that I can.



  1. Hello! I am purchasing one of the older models off of Craigslist tomorrow and after seeing how expensive the batteries are, am curious as to how long they last, especially because since after saying it holds a good charge, he mentioned that I could always purchase a new battery . . . Thoughts? He bought the scooter in 2012 and said via email he never used it (although he said he took it to restaurants and drove it around his complex when I talked to him on the phone . .

    1. Which battery do you have? I hope you'll join Elizabeth's TravelScoot on Facebook and ask the question there.