Friday, September 18, 2015

On the Go at Iguazzu Falls

From Christine:

Thought you would like this photo of my husband and me at Iguazzu Falls. Tour company said we wouldn't be able to cope with it, so booked our own plane fares and hotel, took our two trusty Travelscoots, and voila! Some of the trails were marked wheelchair accessible, but of course we also had to take the ones that weren't. One that went to the bottom of the falls was a very steep drive out, got about half-way then pushed the scooters rest of the way, helped by some very lovely young Japanese girls. That is the beauty of them being so light-weight. Later on in the trip, at Punta Arenas on the southern tip of South America took another trip that was supposed to be beyond us - over the frozen, lumpy tundra for 2 kilometres to see a penguin colony. There isn't much our Travelscoots can't do with a bit of persuasion and patience, due to its incredibly sturdy build. We are both around the 300 lb. so we really are asking a lot of them but we are back into mainstream life and when they eventually fail we wont hesitate to replace them. They are worth every penny. Thank you Elizabeth for helping us make the decision so many years ago.


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