Monday, September 28, 2015

Seventy stairs and the TravelScoot

From Nancy, in Paris France:

Phew! Took metro again today, hubby carried TS down nearly 70 stairs, while I carefully and slowly walked down w my canes. Long ride out to the fabric markets. Noticed the elevator once we got to the surface via escalators. Gads, what a trek! Nearly unable to buy more fabric. Nearly. Took a taxi back to hotel, TS fit easily into the back without any disassembly. We fly back to RI at noon tomorrow, I've been out and about for an average of 8 or so hours everyday. Cobbles, curve cuts, language, orientation, this deep chest cold, kooky store/restaurant hours, malfunctioning gps devices, and 24/7 with our spouse, and success is ours! See, there's Glenn at the bottom of one of four staircases at Saint Michel!

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