Friday, June 11, 2010

A Bag Lady in New York

These are more pictures from Rae and Georgia's recent trip to visit my sister Kay. Rae went to New York to see a neurologist who specializes in pain management because she's had a headache for 8 years that is her lasting injury from a car crash. That's 24 hours a day and seven days a week of headache. She's pretty amazing though, because she doesn't let this injury stop her from living her life. We talk about how much the TravelScoot has meant to me and Kay, and how much it has improved our lives, and we're really hoping this doctor will be Rae's "TravelScoot."

Rae isn't in these pictures because she's behind the camera.

I like this first picture because it shows you what a workhorse the scoot can be. Look at all those bags she's carrying! The red fabric pouch is really helpful.

There are two things to notice in this photo. The first is the image on the bag. What store do you think they were in? Hmmmm?! The second thing to notice is the tag with the letter "K" on it. It's a luggage tag with contact information on it. Of course having one on mine hasn't stopped people at Walmart from following me out to my car to get my scooter when I'm finished with it. They think it belongs to the store!

Rae told me where this was and I've forgotten. Anyone from the New York area recognize it? And do the paw prints on the asphalt mean it's okay to bring really large animals there?


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