Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lessons I've Learned About the TravelScoot

Just returned from China/Hong Kong/Singapore. My TravelScoot now has 20,000 miles on it. I've learned that the new Lithium battery will last going through the Phoenix airport (a big airport), Singapore (another big airport) without a charge. However when you run it on carpet it runs down faster. I've seen the yellow on the meter.

The learning curve for my driver in Hong Kong was fast; he was assembling it very quickly. My scooter allowed me to get around the grocery stores I was looking at and that helped a lot. Everyone I met was impressed with it. It does have its limitations: it doesn't do big hills very well when it is running low on charge. Luckily people pushed me. I didn't take it on the Red Star Ferry this time...will next trip.

If I had a magic wand I'd install a charger input off of the handle so you could plug it in easily without removing the battery. Should be able to be done. I'd also install a 'plug' that could be used to power your cell phone or GPS unit. Maybe I'll do this myself when I get a chance and let you all see it.

Next month I'm doing another 20,000 miles so I'll keep you in the loop. By the way the captain on the plane from San Francisco yesterday told me he saw one of these units at the Seattle aiport; perhaps it was Hardy? ha ha

Dean Hughson


  1. I love that big "E" in the background. I'm thinking you did that just for me. LOL! :-)

  2. When the picture started loading and I could see that big E I thought for sure Elizabeth was going to be sitting under it on her scoot! lol

    Dean I love your ideas about the charger input to charge the battery and power plug for cell or GPS.

    It's too bad you can't travel with the big lion battery it is amazing.

  3. One more thought. I do not recommend the TravelScoot for people who have very limited mobility. If you can't walk a little, you'll have trouble using your legs to back it up on elevators or to carry it up steps,etc. It works fantasticly though. I discovered that it doesn't work on escalators very well.....luckily my friend pushed me up or it would have slid backwards. all in all, I'm happy. I would love it if they could figure a way to take the charger apart, thread it through the 'tubing' and make it where you could just plug it in by pulling out a plug on the handle bar...that would be sweet.

  4. The Big E is in the basement of the Singapore Changi airport...they have a great playground so my friend's little boy Teo loved it.