Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rhonda's Wheel and Using the TravelScoot In Home

From Nancy, aka Granny:

Can you tell me where Rhonda bought the new wheel. Did Tony send her one? Can you ask her? I looked into getting some more knobby tires to handle grass and uneven terrain better but could not find any tire that size. I am taking my TravelScoot to the zoo on Monday to have lunch with a few ladies from my high school class of '62. Use it daily even in and out of the house now. That was an interesting picture from Singapore. After it was pointed out I could see that they were canes, but my first thought was it was some kind of mechanism to hold him in the scooter. -- Nancy

Nancy, Rhonda ordered the wheel from Tony at TravelScoot. I'm glad to hear you're able to use your scoot in your home too. I would think the compact size of it would make it ideal for in-home use.

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  1. Actually, I use it to ride out of the house to the van and back into the house from the van. The walker just go too hard for me. I can use it in the house, but really I like my bigger Go Go Scooter in the house since it has a reverse. When the GoGo needs charging, I use the travel scoot.