Friday, June 11, 2010

Inclines, Melodrama, and the Double Lithium Ion Battery

Here I am at the zoo, headed up what could be a troublesome incline for me. Notice I have the double lithium ion battery today, and this will be a test of it. And.... we're off!

Smiling for the camera. My foot is down because I stopped to pose for the picture.

Obviously not having any problems with the incline here. Thank you, Hardy, for the double lithium ion battery.

Look Ma, one hand, one baaaaaad hand!

Now here's where the melodrama comes in. No, this is not an out-of-control TravelScoot skittering down the hill.

I can no longer ask my great nephew Austin how he got to be so melodramatic. He obviously got it from me!

Almost back to flat land here. Look, that's the wind blowing my hair!

It's over. Can we do it again?

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