Sunday, June 27, 2010

One more screw to tighten

Hi Elizabeth,

Today I found one more screw on the TravelScoot that needs tightened now and then. Attached is a picture of the steering upright and clamp containing the screw in question.

It's in the clamp that allows you to raise the handle bars up and down. I am not talking about the screw on the side that is easily hand tightened.

Inside that little hole on this clamp there is an inset screw that you can't see unless the bracket comes loose like mine did. When that little screw becomes loose your TravelScoot wont steer and the handle bars will not stay upright.

If yours becomes loose like mine did and the clamp is sliding up and down and becomes all "floppy like" (technical term) then the clamp has to be realigned and the inset screw needs tightened.

To do this:

On the inside of that clamp there is a "bar" that slides into a groove that runs up and down on the steering column. Line up the "bar" so it is sliding in the groove. Then I had to use the smallest wrench in our TravelScoot tool kit to loosen up the inset screw a bit more so the clamp would slide down until the top of it is "almost" even with the largest part of the steering column upright. Then tighten the inset screw.

Was it scary? Yes! Did I call Tony for instruction? Hells yes! Did I fix it all by my big girl self? YES!!!

Attached is a picture of the clamp in question.

Everyone should check this screw now and then so they do not end up with a case of "floppy like" handle bars in a parking lot some where.



  1. Thanks for the heads up and a great post!

  2. The song, "One Less Bell To Answer" is going through my head right now, but with the words "One more screw to tighten."

  3. I wont be able to get that song out of my head all day now!

  4. that very thing happened to me at the walmart yesterday!!! it's all fixed now though.

    smiles, bee

  5. Cynth, it's stuck in MY head too!

  6. Cynth, I'm proud for you that you were able to fix it yourself. I'm striving to get to that place. Whenever anything happens to mine, I do the following:

    1. Panic
    2. Call Elizabeth
    3. Calm down and come up with a solution.

  7. Rhonda, my steps are usually
    1. Panic
    2. Email Elizabeth
    3. Call and or email Tony
    4. Hope Elizabeth or Tony have a solution

    This time I was a little better, I didn't email Elizabeth until I had a solution from Tony :)

  8. Bee that sucks it happened to you at the store.

    I had just unloaded mine and was getting it setup to go shopping when I noticed it wasn't right.

    Hope you were not stranded!

  9. Thanks Cynth
    Mine was a little loose also.

  10. Hi Cynth !
    Those were fabulous instructions !They should hire you to rewrite & label the ones for changing that darn drive belt ! OY !
    Thanks to you Elizabeth for this blog and for posting all these great tips !

  11. Hi Roe, Trust me if I wrote technical journals the world would be a more broken place lol

    I agree Elizabeth rules!

  12. I was "lucky" enough to receive the Travelscoot with this piece already loosened and moving up and down. It took me a while to figure that it was not meant to be loose (again, that's how I found it so I had no previous reference), and managed to force it into place once I guessed that it had to be aligned with the groove in the steering upright.

    Yesterday it slided out of place again. I re-pushed it into place, and then I noticed there was a small screw, so I thought I should tighten it so that it didn't keep getting loose. But unluckily for me, none of the Travelscoot allen keys (hex keys) seemed to fit. Then I read this entry, and I thought "oh, then one of the tools MUST fit the screw", so I tried again... and then I realised that the smallest of the tools was "hidden" in the bottom of the small plastic case (I overlooked it the first time around). So... thanks for another useful blog entry!