Thursday, June 3, 2010

TravelScooting at Work

I've used my scoot at work for close to a year now and I'm pleased at how well it fits wherever I need to go. I am almost always able to take it right into any office or conference room, and I'm able to easily open doors while I'm seated on it. Coworkers and visitors to our building give positive comments. Children love it and can't help being fascinated, and many adults ask me for details about it -- especially about the lithium ion battery and how the scoot is put together. They see me lifting it in and out of my van, so they see how light it is. It's a good fit in my office, as you can see. I'm able to turn it around in the space between my desk and the wall, either by picking it up or by sitting on it and driving it. If you've never ridden a TravelScoot, you might not know that they turn on a dime. I could sit on it and practically spin in place. Before I knew about the TravelScoot I worried about how I would navigate at work with a full-size scooter. There's a tight turn off the hallway and a narrow hall to my office.

The fun part of having the my TravelScoot in my office is that in addition to being a conversation piece, when I have several people in my office someone eagerly claims it to sit on.


  1. That same book is sitting on my desk.... :::Playing theme from twilight zone :::::

    This past week I have ridden my scooter into work everyday. It is really nice knowing that at the end of the day when I am tired and stiff my scoot is there to whisk me away to my car~

  2. Really?! I like Reporting Services, but haven't had enough time with it yet. It's quirky, but powerful.

  3. Cynth, I'm glad you're using your scoot to ride into work. I'll bet it puts a smile on your face too, to zip out to your car.

  4. Reporting services has lots of quirks. I have spent many hours with it over the past few months. I am looking forward to the 2008 version which they "say" is supposed to be bigger, better, faster stronger~

    I actually look forward to getting to my car at the end of the day like a normal person should!

  5. But with the 2008 version you have to be working against a 2008 SQL Server database. That's a problem for us because we're still on 2005, and moving everything over to 2008 is tedious.

    I'm glad you're not dreading the walk to the car anymore. I found that the people I work with got used to my scoot really quickly. It's just not a big deal.