Friday, July 9, 2010

Cushioning the Seat

Last Friday I got an excited call from my sister Kay, who was in the automotive section at a Walmart in New Jersey. She was using her TravelScoot and was sitting on a gel seat cushion she'd just plucked off the shelf. Of course within 24 hours Rhonda and I had $20 gel seat cushions from Walmart too. I don't use it at work because I'm not on the scoot for very long, but it does improve the comfort for longer rides. This is a link to the manufacturer's website:

I've been wanting to start this discussion for awhile, but wasn't sure how to get it started. If you're not currently a TravelScoot user but are thinking about getting one, please don't read this post as a negative. The TravelScoot seat is comfortable. Somewhere on the TravelScoot website it says that it's about as comfortable as a good dining room chair. I agree with that. But with any seating surface, after an hour or so you start thinking of ways you can make it better.

Having said that I'd like to open the floor for discussion on ways to make the seat better for longer sitting periods. You can comment here on the blog or on Facebook. (To comment on Facebook you need to be my Facebook friend. My email address is Please send me a message along with your request so I'll know who you are.)

I also have an extra TravelScoot seat that I'm considering having recovered with leather over a gel seat cushion. I've been looking at motorcycle seat solutions on the net because from what I've read a numb bottom is common on long rides.

Granny commented on another post that she's trying out a motorcycle air cushion by ROHO called an "airhawk". So far she has found it comfortable and she says it's lighter weight than the gel cushions. A selection of Roho seat cushions is at .


  1. Is it hard to keep the gel cushion on the seat? I find myself standing over the seat and moving around a lot when shopping.

    I have been thinking about getting one of those cushions and modifying it into a seat cover for the scoot seat. I keep my seat in the trunk and wow is it hot some days! And I could use some extra padding on the seat when I ride for an extended period.

  2. Cynth, it stays in place pretty well. I stand up often too and it hasn't fallen off yet. Just be sure the gripper side is down.

    I don't think this particular gel cushion is the ideal solution, but it is an inexpensive way to see if you'd benefit from a gel seat.

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  4. We got this from a dealer in Nanaimo, bc. Go to a marine store and buy a boat seat. Around $75. Unscrew the base from under the TravelScoot seat and screw it under the boat seat. It works great, the boat seat is comfy and lightweight. Tried the gel seat and this is better.