Thursday, July 29, 2010

Loading a fully assembled TravelScoot in a van from the side door

Using front wheel as a fulcrum, lift up the back

The back is easily lifted so back wheels are on the floor of the van.

Then just lift the front and roll it in

Scoot in the van.

Rolling it back out. The frame will support it until the front wheel gets on the ground.

Dear Elizabeth,

   One time a while ago someone asked how I transported my travel scoot. So maybe you can use this when blog is slow. Certainly not as pretty as most of the pictures posted. Anyhow, I am sending 5 web size pictures, of me loading and unloading my scoot in my 2000 Toyota Sienna minivan, in the side door, just behind the driver's seat. A very convienent location. I don't have any van seats in the back. Sometimes I use a rubber bungie around steering column and hook to handle on the back of drivers seat, but really it seldom falls over. The key is using the front wheel for mechanical advantage. Just one time I parked where there was a gap between the asphalt and the curb, where I need to load it back up, and I had to remove the battery to be able to lift it in, but normally I don't. And sometimes nice people come a long and load it for me but it is nice to know that I can still do it myself.

Granny Nancy


  1. My next car needs to be one that will hold the scoot like that.

  2. I don't know if I can even lift mine, but I plan to use a block and tackle to lift the back of the scooter into my van.

  3. Can you describe what you mean by using a block and tackle to lift yours? Thanks!

  4. Re: Block and tackle, see this tiny one for backpackers:

    I have a larger one, though, that I found on sports website for deer hunters. It was only $25.00. I hook it to the hook (for dry cleaning) just inside the side door of my van.

  5. Oh wow, that has real potential. When you get it set up will you please photograph it and email it to me ( so I can share it here. This could help people who are having trouble. Thanks!