Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mammogram on a TravelScoot

Yesterday I went for my yearly mammogram. I dread the mammogram for the obvious reasons, but also because it's difficult for me to stand up that long without back pain.

This year I had a brilliant idea. I started with the woman at the breast center who checked me in for the exam. After I'd given my social security number, a picture ID, my insurance card, and signed enough documents that she may now own my car, I had just one question for her -- Can a mammogram be done while seated? She knew how much the mammogram cost, which HIPPA regulations she had to follow, and every place I needed to sign or initial, but didn't know this and suggested I ask the technician. On my way to the next waiting area I passed the reception desk where I stopped and asked the same question. At least they're consistent in their knowledge, because she didn't know either.

When the technician called me back for my test, I asked about doing the test seated. She agreed that I could, but only with the TravelScoot handlebars dropped all the way down. It worked great! If any of you have put off having your screening done because you have a problem standing during the testing, now you have no excuse.

If you're wondering why I used a picture of my cute mom in this post, about 23 years ago she was certain she had a lump in her breast. She got tested, then tested again a few months later. She had breast cancer, and because she was diligent about getting help we had another 22 years with her. :-)

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