Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rhonda at the Harley Davidson store

Here is Rhonda's spiffy new silver cup holder.  She got it when she went to the Harley Davidson store.  I wonder if it came with an "I want to be a Harley when I grow up!" bumper sticker for her TravelScoot?

Rhonda said this cupholder cost about $40 and they installed it for her.  She's going to use this one for her bottled water, and the one with the orange on it (from Think King) is where she puts her cell phone.


  1. That's a pretty fancy cup holder, I really like it. Can you move it to new positions on the steering column or is it tight enough that it doesn't move?

    I'm still rockin my ThinkKing cup holder it really is handy for cell phone, keys, grocery list and sometimes even a bottle of water :)

    The office assistant at work calls my scoot "Cynth's Harley".

  2. I love my cup holder! We engineered a rubber gasket (look closely at the picture) under the piece that goes around the steering column and were able to tighten it so it won't move or scratch the TS. In the picture there is an insert in case your drink or bottle doesn't fit snug enough but I removed the extra insert and the holder worked like a koozie. It held a 20 oz. bottle of water snugly. The cup is a hole and slide connection so it has to be removed when you fold the TS down or it will fall off. Mine is brushed stainless but they also have the polished stainless. Dave and I shopped at Cabela's this weekend and found a similar cup holder, only plastic, for only $14.00, so it's a matter of bling and paying more or practicality.

  3. Hi Rhonda
    I am thinking about getting my husband one of these scooters and the $700.00 for replacement battery is a lot. Can you help me out with your thoughts.
    What scooter do you have. He has a outdoor and indoor scooter but I want one so he can go places with me and in any car.

    I love your cup holder because he will need one.

    Thanks michiganjoan