Saturday, July 24, 2010

Deciding when to use your TravelScoot

These are responses to a post from Rhonda.  To read the original post, go to:

My Friend Is Not My Yardstick, and I Shouldn't Be Yours

From Fran R:

These [Rhonda's] comments are right on target. I intend to keep walking when and where I can too. Depending on my level of pain on a given day - I may make a quick trip on foot into a store to pick up a few items. But other days - there is no way I would try to do that and my TS saves the day. There are some stores that don't lend themselves to using my TS - they may be small enough to allow me to navigate on foot - or maybe their layout doesn't accommodate a scooter well. I wait to go to those places when I have a day where the pain of walking is more tolerable. But give up my TravelScoot ?? No way !! I think most of us will keep walking when we can but make no apologies when we opt to ride.

From Peggy R:

I agree completely with Rhonda. I have been packing up my classroom and normally do not ride my scooter to my classroom instead opting to walk. The packing is taking a toll on my back. By using the scooter I conserve my energy and can do more physical labor in the classroom. Some days you feel like a scootin' some days you don't. Peggy


  1. I agree with Rhonda, along with Fran and Peggy. I have run into people that actually despise people that use electric carts. They have it in their mind that we use a cart because we are "lazy" and just don't want to walk. But as we all know... this is NOT the truth! We use it because we NEED to use it. Whether it be due to back pain (which is my case), foot and leg pain, or something else, we use it because it makes getting around so much easier and less painful... in every respect. And don't forget one other important aspect... IT'S FUN! And we should not be ashamed of wanting to use it for this reason either.

    Rhonda made a statement that really hit home with me... Using this is all about improving our "QUALITY OF LIFE". What more can a person say? This device allow us to go the mall, or go out to the zoo, and do other thing that take a lot of walking. Instead of sitting in our home watching TV, we can now actually go out and enjoy by interacting with people and events. This is not only something that we should NOT be ashamed of, but actually be PROUD of! Well, and a bit thankful for.

    OK. I'm done with my rant! Thanks for allowing me to express my feeling on this matter.

  2. I'm 6'2" - how will this impact use of TS?

  3. You should call Tony at TravelScoot to discuss the height issue. Check the website for the phone number.