Sunday, July 25, 2010

More belt changing details

You mechanical wizards might just want to skip this post because you're going to be laughing at the rest of us (or at least me!) after you read it...

I think changing the belt is something the non-mechanical among us are always worrying about in the back of our minds. (Or maybe we're just worrying about getting stranded!) I've had my scoot for 18 months, and my original belt is still good, so it's probably not a reasonable concern, but I seem to grab onto any bit of information I can get about it, just to prepare myself for the possibility.

Tony at TravelScoot wrote out instructions for us which are posted here. Dean has also posted a comment about his recent belt change, and since not everyone reads the comments sections, I thought I'd post it here too.

From Dean:

To be honest it is easier than posted. My guy took the wrenches and first loosened and took off the protector piece of metal. Then he loosened both sides of the axle on the tire and the belt came right put the new one on and tighten it back up. That was it....would be easier on a table perhaps but my 'angel' did it on the carpet of McCormick Place Convention Center....

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  1. I hesitated before posting this, but here goes...the only thing I don't like about my TravelScoot is the belt changing process. The newer tan belts seem to be "heartier" than the old black ones and not as much tension adjustment is required. I have been stranded with a broken belt because the changing process is so cumbersome. The mechanic on board Royal Carib's Explorer of the Seas had a bit of difficulty with this, so it is wise to be prepared with as much info as possible.
    ALWAYS travel with a spare belt and your tools !!
    It would be super if Tony's instructions were accompanied with a picture or diagram labeling the different parts or if there wasa a YouTube video of the process.
    As they say..a picture is worth a thousand words !
    Roe...2 year TravelScooter