Monday, July 12, 2010

Kinzi and Chuck on the Boardwalk

HI Elizabeth. I really enjoy your blog and check it every day for new entries. I have had my 'Scoot for almost a year now and love it. I travel a lot and it is a life saver in airports. I check it at the door of the aircraft and they bring it back to me at the door at my destination. I love talking about it and carry brochures and business cards to give to people who stop me. I bought mine directly from Hardy when he was in Lantana, FL. But now Tony calls me when someone from South Florida is interested and I meet them and demonstrate it.

The picture is of me and my great granddaughter, Kinzi, on the Hollywood (Fla) Beach boardwalk. She loved riding in it and would wave at people who waved at us. Several stopped us to take pictures.

I don't know who to submit things for your blog so just sent them directly to you.

Keep up the good work!!

A semi-reformed Tequila Crazed Gypsy

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  1. LOL I LOVE that says it all :) Thanks for sharing your story with us Chuck and your Kinzi is adorable!

  2. Hi Chuck!

    What a great picture, such a cute baby.

  3. Hmmm! Semi-Reformed Tequilla Crazed Gypsy . . . now I think I know what I want to be when I grow up :-)