Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Anne's 'Scoot has arrived!

From Anne:

My TravelScoot is here! Unpacking and assembly were a cinch, all by myself, and the Li battery ("cub") only took about an hour to charge. I've been riding the TS around the house -- doesn't do too well on the bumpy new carpet in the living room, but fine on floors and flat carpet.

The dogs are a bit freaked out by it. I hope they get used to it enough for me to be able to take one of them at a time out for walk.

Hope to get my TS out to my car today (don't know if I can get it down the steps by myself), and then out to a mall or Walmart or some such place to test it further. Ironically, we had the first snow of the season today, but not much stuck. Should be no problem for my yet-to-be-named TS.


  1. Whoo hoo! I'll bet the dogs will adjust quickly enough, when they see how much fun it'll be for them.

    Your cub battery will normally take much longer to charge (but you probably already know that). It arrived partially charged. If I remember correctly your single lithium ion battery takes about 7 hours to charge fully.

    Keep us posted! (I'm going to answer your other questions in a separate post.)

  2. Sorry for the blurry picture -- phone camera's not the best, nor am I the greatest photographer.

    At least our kitchen (in the photo) is big enough for me to practice turning the 'Scoot.


  3. Just watch it on the tight doughnuts. I've come close to tipping it over from going too fast. (Yes, I was showing off - normally I don't corner that fast - yet.)

    Also, don't be surprized of friends and co-workers start wanting to put a speed limit on you. Or that you get tickled at being the fast one in the crowd instead of the slow one.

    As someone with a dog also, I've only had mine for two months and Nic has already gotten used to it. By the way, you can put a 24 can case of Alpo across the V if that's all you wanted to pick up.

  4. Krystal, you KNOW I need a picture of your scoot with a 24 can case of Alpo on it. LOL!

  5. Our "boys" (photo here: http://twitpic.com/kqx0c) get fed only dry kibble, which we buy in 40 lb. bags. Don't think I'll try lugging that across the V.

    Successfully got TS down the stairs and out into the trunk of my car, all by myself. Tomorrow, out we go (unless the weather's really bad.)

    Thought about joining hubs on evening dog walk, but decided unlighted, no-sidewalk street was not best venue for first outdoor TS ride. Anyone have a light and/or reflectors on their 'Scoot? If so, pictures? Sources?


  6. Wise choice on not going out in the dark the first time, even if hubs was along. Especially if your babies aren't used to your TS (yet). By the way, they are cuties.

    You might want to try strapping one of those headlight flashlights to the 'mystery' part. I use one to get to my Ravi and it puts out plenty of light. (I originally got it to strap to my cup holder, but haven't gotten around to it.) If that's not a thing. Try goggling for flashligt brackets for bikes. I think I saw one, but I can't remember where.

  7. Congrats on your new scoot Anne. I am looking forward to reading about your adventures.