Thursday, December 10, 2009

Update from Dianne

(My apologies to Dianne for taking so long to get this posted.  I'm getting caught up on posts now.  Dianne, hopefully you'll have another update to send us now!)

An update from Dianne:

Doug and I took my scoot to the Fred Meyer near our house and I rode it all over. It isn't as comfortable as my other equipment; but then, it's not as heavy either. I let Doug unload it; but after I rode it all around Freddys, I re-loaded it myself; it's still really hard to do that...up and into my Trailblazer. But, it really zipped around Freddys with no problems; except it used muscles I wasn't used to using. And, next time I need to wear better shoes as the foot pegs really wear out my neuropathy'd feet. I found I could put one foot on the middle bar and switch off; that way different muscles were used; especially, since sitting on that "bench" seat was hard on the butt too. I know complain, complain. In all, it will work fine for going to and from places; but riding it around all day at a venue may be a trial I'm not ready to experience.

Thanks for having the blog.  I'm enjoying other's postings.


  1. Don't worry Dianne, you'll get used to the exercise of not only lifting, but all the swaying to zig zag around things soon. The more you scoot, the faster it will happen. I also shift my feet from pegs to off pegs to draped over pegs (don't do this position except on straight aways - it hurts when you catch your foot on the corners)as my knees don't like to be in the same position for too long. And I will agree that the first long trek I took, I was a little 'saddle' sore. This will also go away once you learn where your butt likes to be on the seat and also, shifting your bottom helps just like moving your legs. Hang in there, the adventure has only just begun.

  2. Dianne I was really sore for the first month of using the scoot. Who knew that riding a scooter takes muscles we didn't know we had?

    I ride with my left foot down. I seldom put it on the peg. I just keep it hovering right above the ground and when I am looking at items I walk my left foot along with the scoot.