Thursday, December 10, 2009

Trim Fix and Rain Showers

From Nancy:
For the trim fix, I did use a big staple gun (like they put carpet cushion down with) and most importantly used heavy duty 1/2 staples. I was careful to shoot the staples into the wood rather than the foam. I still need to relocate the phillips head screw at the end of the trim on the back of the the seat, since it is in the foam also and not holding like it should. I may need to get another screw and drill a pilot hole. However, the new staples are holding very well so far. The original staples on the trim were only 1/4 inch and looked more like regular paper type staples to me,so it was logical that they would pop out when one sat on the seat enough. Actually Tony suggest staples and glue, but I think the glue would have popped when one sat down on the seat just like the little staples did.

I think Hardy has left for Germany to start up Travelscoot-Europe, but he did email me that he commuted on his Travelscoot to his workshop in Florida and routinely got caught in rain storms on his return trip. As long as you dry everything off when you get home, all should be fine. However, given the lightning in the south, I certainly would not like to be on a travelscoot in a summer thundershower!!

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  1. Nancy, did you have any problems with the staples splitting the wood? I bought the wrong staples for my staple gun so I haven't tried to repair one of my seats yet.